Interactive Content Development at California State University, East Bay

The Multimedia Graduate Program at California State University, East Bay provides artists and musicians from diverse media backgrounds an opportunity to work collaboratively while pursuing an M.A. in Multimedia.

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Collaboration and Collegiality

Each of our students brings to the Multimedia Graduate Program their exceptional skill and craft in their primary creative area along with great ability and promise in a secondary creative area. The diveristy of these creative areas amongst our students and their implementation in collaborative coursework is what sets the M.A. in Multimedia apart from other similar graduate programs in the United States. Our students make bold, new interactive content pieces that are solely researched, designed, and executed by them and their peers.

Creative Spaces

While studying Multimedia at CSU East Bay, our students are given access to labs that foster a sense of community and collaboration and equipment that affords them the tools to make new media, digital art, and other interactive content pieces. During their second year of study, students who have passed the rigorous Masters candidacy examination take residence in a graduate lab that is spacious enough for large projects and accessible to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During this year they are engaged in research, development, and production of a team thesis and are given great freedom to experiment with new ideas and techniques for the development of digital artworks and products.

Head First Toward Career Success

After graduating, our students pursue a variety of career paths. With a command of new skills, some students return to their previous workforce which positions them to be leaders in their primary creative areas. Others will pursue their education further in the form of Ph.D. studies in their primary creative field. Increasingly, graduates form start-up businesses developed from their thesis project and seek new opportunities and funding as they seek to take their ideas to market. More importantly, the M.A. in Multimedia at CSU East Bay enables students to center their success on their terms within the types of new media, digital art and interactive content pieces they want to develop with others.

Impressive Ideas, Innovative Results

Creativity, innovation, and critical thinking about the intersection of technology and humanity are values that are hard-coded into today’s forward thinkers. See yourself contributing your skills with others towards crafting ideas and making new interactive content development at CSU East Bay’s Multimedia Graduate Program.