Apply for Admission

Each year, the Multimedia Graduate program accepts students from diverse disciplines. As the program is team-based, we look for artists that exhibit:

  1. Significant depth of skill and craft in at least one area of digital media

    The committee is looking for evidence of your best work in your area of digital media according to the types of artworks and pieces that are typical for that area. For instance, if your area of digital media is graphic design, the committee would be looking for your best designed pieces. Or as another example, if your primary area of digital media is audio production, the committee would be listening for your best work. How you choose to provide evidence in your portfolio of depth of skill and craft in your primary area of digital media is up to you. Keep in mind that regardless of the method you choose, it should communicate your intentions clearly.

  2. Adequate skill and craft in a secondary area of digital media

    The committee is looking for evidence of adequate work in a secondary area of digital media. This is quite wide and open to interpretation but just as with the evidence presented in your primary area, your presented artworks and pieces should communicate your intentions clearly.

  3. Evidence of interactivity in the submitted portfolio

    The committee is looking to see that you’ve got some experience working with interactive media. Common forms of this are websites involving navigation or interactive widgets, Virtual or Augmented reality projects or interfaces, DVDs with menus and indexes, interactive PDFs, Flash/SWF individual projects, MAX/MSP or Pure Data projects or use of MIDI in performance, or any other medium that features reaction to minimal amounts of user input. Often, your portfolio itself is proof of this, especially if you submit your works to be viewed on a website that you designed or content management system that you modified.

Pathways for non-majors

For students who have compelling backgrounds in other disciplines we offer a 3-year pathway to an M.A. IN MULTIMEDIA WITH A CONCENTRATION IN INTERACTION DESIGN. Based on review and consultation woth the department we are able to offer a three year program to students who have the passion, but lack prior experience in production and design of interactive experiences. To be considered, apply to the department and the university and we will reach out to you.

Tips for a successful application:

  • Show only your best work; the committee values quality over quantity
  • Refer to your portfolio in your statement of purpose
  • Call the program office with any questions: (510) 936-2781 or email multimedia [at]
  • Download and review the Portfolio Guidelines PDF

Important Dates for Fall 2018 Entry

Department and University applications for Fall Semester 2018 Entry

APRIL 30, 2018 University Application for Fall Semester 2018 is due for international applicants residing outside the U.S.
May 15, 2018 University Application for Fall Semester 2018 is due for U.S. residents and international applicants residing inside the U.S. (with F-1 visa)
May 15, 2018 Multimedia department application for Fall Semester 2018 is due

Information Sessions for Fall 2018 Entry

Information sessions for all who are interested in learning more about the program are scheduled once a month beginning in October. The Director presents an overview of the program, reviews the application process, presents samples of graduate student projects, a tour of the facilities and answers questions. If you want to attend an information session, please contact us. RSVP Now! The information sessions are designed to give you a chance to tour the facilities and ask questions about applying to the program.

Please email multimedia [at]

The Multimedia Graduate Program at California State University, East Bay provides artists and musicians from diverse media backgrounds an opportunity to work collaboratively while pursuing an M.A. in Multimedia with a concentration in Interaction Design.


Multimedia Graduate Office, Art & Education (AE) Building, Room 1231b, California State University, East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., Hayward, CA