Game Jam

CSUEB GAME JAMS are a series of interactive prototype making events set to occur in the middle of each of the three quarters of the academic year. Following a series of weekly tutorials by senior students and industry professionals each game jam is a separate culminating event, which takes place over a long weekend.

CSUEB GAME JAM is a non-competitive event focused on ideation and innovation and creating prototypes.

The structure of this event is to involve students in all phases of the event. Students are involved in the planning, preparation and execution of the event, networking with industry professionals, working in cross functional teams and across disciplines and majors. We live in a time when multidisciplinary ideation is the cornerstone to success in emerging technologies. Employers across the spectrum stress the importance for new graduates to have highly collaborative skills and ability to work in teams. The project will expose all students to a multidisciplinary approach of ideation and execution. STEM disciplines alongside of art will combine for an integrated STEAM event. Not only do students develop skills in teamwork during the event, but also in the weeks leading up to the event.

Each GAME JAM opens on Friday afternoon with a mixer event, a keynote that outlines and unveils the common theme for the particular event, and an idea pitching session that is followed by team formation. On Saturday and Sunday, teams arrive in the morning for a small breakfast and pep talk and begin to work on their ideas. Throughout the day, industry and professional participants circulate among the teams and offer mentoring and advice. On Sunday at 3:00PM it is pencils down and teams prepare to present their projects to the public. The event concludes with presentations of the projects and a celebration of accomplishments.

Since 2014, approximately 250 students from six departments and three colleges at CSUEB as well assister CSU universities have participated in Game Jam.

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