The fifth shape is the Dodecahedron composed of 12 pentagons.  This shape symbolizes the ether.  This shape will explore the “medium” of computer code as the medium that carries modern computer messages.  In Sacred Geometry this shape is associated with the Spirit and Transcendence.  Mathematical models of iteration, fractals, and symmetry will be created and projected internally into this shape.


The fourth shape is the Icosahedron and is composed of 20 regular triangles.  This shape symbolizes water. The surface of this shape will be wave pools created by drips. This shape will have a random water drop into a shallow pool of water.  A single drop of water from within the shape will causing a chain reaction across the surface of the water.    Each drop and its projected wave form will be projected up into the inside of the shape. Soapy chemical will be added to diffract the light and the waves.  A sensor that detects how many people are in proximity will create more or less drips. A first it will be a regular timed drip, but more in proximity  will increase the drip rate, at a certain point  a chaotic random drip cycle will start and the  waves and patterns will be impossible to predict.


The next shape is the Hexahedron composed of 6 faces of  regular 90 degree square.  This shape symbolizes the earth.  This shape will explore the complex relationship of fractals found in nature.  The surface of the shape  will be images of leaves, trees, dried earth, and infinite patterns of repetition. This sculpture will be created as a plexiglass light box internally illuminated and covered with Chromogenic “Type-C” Transparency.  The images will be examples of self similarity and repetition.  The Fibonacci series will be investigated in art and nature as can be viewed in shells, plants, trees.  The sculpture will rotate like the Earth on a motorized rod as and all six sides will be visible.


The second shape is the Octahedron, it contains 6 faces composed of 8 faces of a 60 degree regular triangle.  This shape is associated with Air.  Although the global weather patterns are very complex systems they are based on simple mathematical rules, Coupling feedback.  A complex system can also provide feedback into itself  and out of this feedback will emerge not only chaos but beauty and order.  This sculpture  will have a camera filming the sculpture and this image will be re-displayed on the sculpture creating a video feedback loop.  The video hue will be adjusted to represent wind.  Viewers walking by anywhere in front of the camera will then be projected onto the sculpture, and that will create a video feedback loop of the sculpture and the audience.  This kind of display will create chaos as there is no way to predict how the changes in the system will affect the projection. It will also produce captivating and beautiful images and patterns.  Out of a chaos a system of natural order and beauty will emerge.


The first shape is the Tetrahedron, it contains of 4 triangle faces composed of  regular 60 degree angles.  This shape is associated with Fire.  Fire is sometimes predictable but often depending on the initial conditions many variations of a flame could be observed.  Flames are inherently engaging and many can stare into a flame for hours.  Using projected video, mirrors, and treated plexiglass the shape will display  holographic 3-D flame fluttering in the space of the pyramid.  The user can gesture to increase the flame height or intensity, like the wind blowing of fluttering a candle.




The  technology used can be divided into three main categories building the sculptures, creating the content, and mapping the projections.  The building will be created with transparent 3-D printed joints, acrylic plastic rods and  acrylic glue.  The surface of the shapes will be surface treated acrylic plastic.  The content will be computer generated fractals, aerial and close up nature photo/ video, Blender generated animations, or video edits.  The surface will be internally or externally projected  depending using projection mapping software and mini projectors, and lastly interaction and


3-D printer- for creating custom multi-sided joint connectors for sculpture armature.

Acrylic Plastic rods- used for creating armature

Transparent Projection Screen- The surface of the sculpture will be sewn together will this transparent projection fabric.

Wolfram-  This tools will provide solutions and resources to mathematical and scientific  concepts, formulas, and equations.

Processing-  Many of the visuals and graphs will represented through processing and visualized through the tools and libraries available.

Python- This computer language will be used to program and create rules for computer models within Blender.

Blender-  Blender will be used for creating virtual prototypes and projection maps.  Blender wil also be used to create any other visual effects, fractal, or immersive visuals.

Video Camera- A video camera will provide video feedback to be mapped across the sculpture.  Video cameras will also be used to capture and film chaos and fractals in nature.

Video Editing software-  Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects will be used for post production editing on Video Elements in the Art Piece.

MadMapper-  Projection mapping software will be used to create regular projections from outside as well as within the shapes.  This software is free and works well with 3-D modelling software.

Mini Digital projectors – mini digital projectors can be internally installed into the sculpture to light the surface of the structure  internally.

Kinect Sensor-  The kinect will could provide a way to register user motions, depth and gestures. This will allow registration of user gestures, proximity, and interaction.

Arduino- Used to connect and program sensors for interaction with sculpture.

Rasberry Pi-  This microcontroller will be used for playback of video from within the sculpture and for running programs that respond to different user interactions and sensors.

Video Project Proposal

CSUEB Graduate Multimedia Art Student asked?
“How might we create visualizations of physical phenomena that create an immersive and affective experience while also investigating scientific principles?”

The theme of this project is exploring contrast between the idealised forms of the 5 Platonic solids and the chaos theory as witnessed in nature.